Spiteful Brewing Releases Jackass O’ Lantern

With autumn comes the release of Spiteful Brewing’s annual pumpkin beer, Jackass O’ Lantern. Brewed with roasted sugar pumpkins and traditional pumpkin pie spices, the beer is indicative of Spiteful embracing the spirit of the season. “Say what you will about spiced beers, I think they’re seasonally appropriate. They don’t have to taste like canned pumpkin pie filling. They can be brewed with balance in mind,” Spiteful representative Calvin Fredrickson said. “Ours is meant to address the festive jackassery associated with Halloween.”

For Jackass O’ Lantern, all five Spiteful employees were tasked with roasting sugar pumpkins in their ovens at home, lending the beer its caramelized pumpkin flavor. “We don’t brew with extract. It doesn’t taste the same as real ingredients,” Co-founder and head brewer Brad Shaffer said. “In some cases, using extract is like cheating.”

Spiteful’s creative director, Luke Snobeck, collaborated with Joelle Tafoya in creating the label for Jackass O’ Lantern. “Her work fits our attitude,” Snobeck said. “Once I got the drawing from her I filled in the colors and modified the layout. Jackass O’ Lantern turned out spot on.” The label for Jackass O’ Lantern features the head of a heehawing donkey bursting from a pumpkin.

Jackass O’ Lantern is 6.66% ABV and packaged in 22-ounce bottles.