Chicago Brewery Confuses Whale Tickling with Whale Ticking Upon Release of Mango IPA

In an apparent mix-up of terminology, Spiteful Brewing is releasing a mango IPA called The Whale Tickler. Industry professionals speculate that the brewery has confused “whale tickling” with the phenomenon of “whale ticking,” which certain beer fanatics associate with the act of consuming a unique or hard-to-find beer. Qualities common to so-called whales include being expensive, low bottle counts, and contact with oak. “Ticking” often involves photographing said whale and/or entering its rating into a beer rating website. No record of “whale tickling” was found on popular beer media outlets.

The brewery does not appear to classify its Whale Tickler Mango IPA as a whale. Rather, they describe it as being a refreshment for beer drinkers currently in search of whales on beer trading forums. The Whale Tickler’s label copy indicates that “[Its] tropical notes will brighten the most arduous whaling expedition.” In an underwater scene, the label artwork features a snorkeler who is tickling a whale with a feather.

Spiteful representative Calvin Fredrickson describes the brewery’s appreciation of enthusiastic beer drinkers, and speaks to the connection between technology, whale tickling, and hygiene: “We love tickling whales as much as the next person.  But eventually the hunt for new whales takes its toll. You never leave the house. You grow a neck-beard. Late nights on the forums. What you really need is a mango IPA.” 

Dry-hopped with Citra and mango puree, Fredrickson expects that The Whale Tickler will satisfy hop heads in search of a double IPA with notes of tropical fruit. “Barrel-aged stouts, fruit lambics — those are great,” he said. “But there are times when only a mango IPA hits the spot.” The Whale Tickler Mango IPA is 9.2% ABV.