Spiteful Brewing Releases First Limited Four-Packs of Cans, Aims to Double Output

With the recent addition of five seven-barrel fermenters—made locally by Corcoran Fabrication & Design— Spiteful Brewing has begun brewing a series of limited-release four-pack 16-ounce cans. The new tanks set Spiteful on a course to double their 430bbl output of 2013.


“The ability to package in 16-ounce tallboy cans couldn’t come at a better time,” said Spiteful Representative Calvin Fredrickson. “Cans are perfect for summer.” Fredrickson points out the portable nature of cans, in addition to being permitted for consumption in areas where glass is not allowed. “Who wouldn’t want to pound a few tallboys this summer?” Fredrickson asks.

By using blank silver cans, Spiteful embraces the flexibility to brew a rotating lineup of products. As such, co-founder Jason Klein promises beers both new and familiar. “We fill and label our cans by hand,” Klein said, “one by one.” Klein continues, “It gives us the ability to release small batches of beer without the financial burden of buying thousands of printed cans.” Spiteful’s year round six-packs include Alley Time Pale Ale and Spiteful IPA, with new batches of each being released throughout the month.

The brewery’s series of limited-release 16-ounce cans has been well received by Chicago-area beer drinkers. “It allows us to brew more seasonally, to experiment. The demand is exceeding our supply right now,” Fredrickson said. “When people see our cans on shelves, they know they’re fresh. That’s the beauty of being self-distributed. Sometimes I’ll deliver beer the same day it was packaged.”

The first two beers in the series were packaged and distributed this week: Ball and Chain Pale Ale—named for Klein’s upcoming wedding—and P.A.C. Forever Hefeweizen. Upcoming releases include Diggable IPA, Case of the Mondays Summer Ale, and Klutzy Buffoon Saison with Ginger. Four- and six-pack cans are available at select locations in Chicago.