Frequently Asked Questions

Can I get a tour?

Unfortunately at this time we are unable to offer tours due to building restrictions. We are working on this for the future.


Can I purchase beer from the brewery?

We wish but are not licensed to sell beer out of the brewery.


I own a bar/liquor store, can we carry your beer?

Right now we are brewing at capacity and don't have the ability to add new accounts. We are working on a growth plan so please Email us at to get on our radar.


Do you have a taproom?

As of right now we are a production only facility but rest assured we won't be forever. 


Are you hiring?

at the moment our team is full, but send your inquiries to


Can I get your beer in 6 packs and 4 packs?

Hell yeah you can.  We offer both 16oz 4 packs and 12oz 6 packs. We also have 22oz bombers and limited draft options. 


Where can I buy your beer?

Check our Find our beer page.


If you still have questions you can email us at